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MVPA60 - Robocoach

 Robocoach is a one-stop AI sports analysis and student sports data management platform.

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Using the Robocoach app, students can easily exercise in front of their phone's camera. The app utilizes advanced AI technology to detect and analyze the movements performed by the student. It accurately assesses the correctness of each movement and tracks the progress made over time.

Sports data management platform

Our platform offers a web portal where teachers can access comprehensive information about their students' progress. Through the platform, teachers can assign specific exercise tasks to students and monitor their performance.
The portal also allows teachers to adjust exercise targets for individual students, facilitating gradual improvement and personalized training plans.

By utilizing the rear-facing camera, Robocoach transforms into an evaluation tool for teachers and coaches, providing an objective and fair assessment system that surpasses the limitations of the current peer evaluation approach.

Robocoach application

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