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A mobile application for sports evaluation. Students can use this app to track exercises such as sit-up, skip-rope, and planking.

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After downloading this app and logging in, students can set the phone on a stand, then exercise in front of the front-facing camera on their phone. The app uses an AI to detect and analyse the movement of the student. It is able to determine the correctness of the movement and accurately track the progress. As such, teachers and parents can know more about their students' exercise habit.


Using the rear-facing camera, the app can be used as an evaluation tool for teachers and coaches. This allows a more objective and fair evaluation tool compared to the peer evaluation system used currently.

A leaderboard is also available for students to compete and improve together.

Teachers can view the progress of the students through a web portal. They can adjust the target for the students for them to gradually improve their performance.


This app is standalone and does not require any device other than a smartphone with a camera to analyse the exercise of the student. With this application, a smartphone can become a assistance tool for exercising, helping students develop their body.

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