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Safety Monitoring System

We are excited to introduce our latest project, a safety monitoring system that specifically focuses on the needs of mobility-impaired individuals and those carrying large luggage, and specialized system for detecting abnormal situations such as falling. This system has been designed to enhance safety and inclusivity. 


Our upcoming project encompasses two notable highlights that aim to enhance safety and convenience within the MTR system.


The first highlight revolves around the implementation of a safety monitoring system that caters to the specific needs of mobility-impaired individuals and passengers carrying large luggage. This system has been meticulously designed to detect when such individuals enter the gate, promptly alerting them to utilize the elevator for their convenience and safety. By proactively addressing their unique requirements, we create a more inclusive and secure environment, promoting accessibility and ease of travel for all passengers.

The second highlight focuses on the development of a specialized system dedicated to analyzing abnormal situations, particularly instances such as falling in the toilet facilities. This innovative system utilizes advanced sensors, algorithms, and hardware specifically designed for installation in the toilet area. Its primary objective is to promptly detect and alert MTR staff of potential safety risks. By taking a proactive approach to safety, we enhance overall safety measures within the MTR system, fostering a more responsive and secure environment for both passengers and staff members.

These highlights underscore our commitment to leveraging technology and innovation to create a safer and more user-friendly transportation experience. By addressing the unique needs of different passengers and proactively identifying potential safety risks, we strive to build an environment that prioritizes inclusivity, convenience, and peace of mind. Our project's implementation of the safety monitoring system and the specialized abnormal situation analysis system demonstrates our dedication to continuous improvement and ensuring the well-being of all individuals within the MTR system.

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