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Position Recruitment

AI Engineer / Software Developer / Full Stack Developer Roles / Data Scientist

Job duties:

  • Develop mobile apps with AI and computer vision technology, such as target detection, hand posture tracking, model compression, 3D pose detection

  • Study and research algorithm

  • Implement different computer vision scenarios


  • Possess undergraduate or postgraduate degrees in computer science, specifically with skills in data science, machine learning and AI.

  • Must be from top 100 universities, or local universities in Hong Kong.

  • Knowledge and skills in coding language e.g. Python, R, Matlab, C++.

  • Familiarity with AI platforms/environments e.g. TensorFlow, Pytorch

  • Familiarity with medical data is preferred e.g. blood tests, medical imaging (particularly CT and MRI data, DICOM data handling, image processing), genomics (e.g. GWAS, DNA methylation data).

Salary and Duration:

Project Manager

Job duties:

  • To oversea and manage the project

  • Design the sample

  • Supervise the installation

  • Conduct the test and collect trial result

  • Prepare the report


  • Bachelor degree or above with mobile client development experience.

  • Familiar with the operating mechanism and architecture of python system.

  • Understanding various components and SDKs.

  • Experience in front-end/hybrid development technology stack is preferred.

  • Familiar with one or more languages in OC/Swift/Java/Kotlin.

  • Have a solid foundation of data structure and algorithm analysis, and be familiar with common design patterns, multithreading, network, and interface development.

Part-time/Full-time technician

Job duties:

  • Conduct the site work and installation

  • Responsible for model training and testing

  • Responsible for the architecture design and development of the website

  • Responsible for version optimization, such as memory, performance, adaptation, user experience and other tuning work


  • Standard salary of a Bachelor degree staff.

  • High Diploma or above in Computer Science, Information Technology or a related discipline preferred.

  • Strong in front-end development (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript); knowledge and experience in RWD, SPA (especially ReactJS & NextJS) is a must.

  • Familiar with Agile / SCRUM; version control (e.g. git).

  • Strong in back-end development technology stack (e.g. Linux, Nginx, MariaDB, NodeJS, Springboot) is a plus.

  • Experience in Cloud computing (e.g.AWS) and GraphQL is a plus.

  • Ability to work independently or with a team to meet project deadlines.

  • A good team player with positive thinking, willing to learn and is flexible.

  • Good command of spoken and written English and Chinese.

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