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Ai Sercurity System

This technology uses AI and deep learning to analyze abnormal situations

in video which allows a wide range of applications, such as drowning detection,

mass event security assurance and children’ssafety, pedestrian and road safety.


Mass Event Security Assurance

AI abnormal detection technology can also be used for the security
assurance of mass events. When abnormal situations happen in the
event, the system can automatically detect and track the abnormal
locations so that the security guard can make timely responses to
ensure the safety of the participants.

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Pedestrian Action Posture RoadSafety Analysis

Supported by the Smart Transportation Fund of the Transport
Department, the use of thermal and visual camera images to analyse
pedestrian posture, movement, speed and abnormal situations through
using AI and deep learning technology for enhancing road safety is
being studied. The research would explore the use of pedestrian
movement posture to identify the elderly and disabled for extending
the flashing green time to facilitate them to cross the traffic junction
and to enhance road safety.

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Children's Safety

To enhance the safety of children in schools and child centre
equipped with 24-hour CCTV security system, this system can also
act as a robotic inspector to continuously monitor every camera.
When any abnormal situation occurs, the system can detect it and
report it to the supervisor to ensure the safety of the children.
Some organizations, like HongChi Children Home and Hong
Kong Society for the Protectionof Children, are piloting this AI
technology to improve thesafety and quality of service.

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