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Drowning Detection System

Swimming is a hotspot in many places. Our Smart Swim solution can address a great demand by the swimmers’ community: Safety. There are many accidents happening in the swimming pools. According to the Leisure and Cultural Service Department (LCSD), there are 328 accidents and 2 drowning deaths in 2018. Our AI Drowning Detection System is being demanded by the market.

While there are a few existing solutions for drowning detection in the market, these solutions rely on outdated software, databases, and data analysis models. Furthermore, the current system can only be used as a safety facility for drowning detection, and its cost is prohibitively high. A standard swimming pool installation can cost around HK$1 million to 2 million. Our system offers a more powerful and cost-effective solution that can be widely implemented in different pool environments.

This solution is one of the deliverables from the ITF Better Living Fund project, and the prototype was successfully installed at Munsang College in September 2020. We are now moving towards the commercialization stage, and our system has been installed in numerous swimming pools.

Our Technology


Advanced Technology

Use AI and deep learning technology to analyze swimmers' skeleton motion and drowning situations in real-time videos captured by camera.


Integration with Camera

Integrate with camera which captures swimming postures from multiple angle.

  • Ceiling Camera

  • Underwater Camera

Real-time Alert and Monitoring

Provide real-time drowning detection and different alert mechanisms to prevent drowning incidents, including:

  • Tablet PC

  • Smart watch

  • Visual or audio alarm


  • Enhanced safety at swimming pools

  • Minimized response time

  • High security level

  • Complementing lifeguard efforts

Our Partner

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