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The Future of Everything

Artificial Intelligence
Our Story

We are an artificial intelligence startup founded by the HKU EEE graduates team.

Our Vision

Our goal is to use our computer vision technology to develop products that enhance and protect humans in a range of real-life situations, such as sports, health, education, and security.


2D/3D Pose Estimation; Object Detection; Oject Tracking; Anomaly Detection; Model Compression

Who are we


Performance Analysis System

Sports AI Lab of The University of Hong Kong has created a mobile application for sports evaluation. Students can use this app to track exercises such as sit-up, skip-rope, and planking.


Drowning Detection System

The Centralised AI Drowning Detection System can detect the human posture under water. When a human like object is detected to be stationary for a torrent period, an audio and visual alarm could be triggered.

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HK Information and Communication Technology Award (Smart Living)

港大研發人工智能溺水偵測系統 實時拯救遇溺者

Robocoach inter-school
fitness competition ceremony

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Room 07, Lion Rock 72, 1/F, InnoCentre, 72 Tat Chee Avenue

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